Command reference

finger <text>

Search for a string in the database of users. Useful for finding a user based on real name or e-mail.

gm-add-user -g <project name> -u <username>

Add a user to a project.

gm-grant-admin-rights-to-user -g <project name> -u <username>

Grant administrative rights to a user in a project.

gm-list-admins <project name>

List all members of a project with administrative rights.

gm-list-members <project name>

List all members of a project.

gm-remove-user -g <project name> -u <username>

Remove a user from a project.

gm-request-project -g <project name> -m <members>

Request a new project folder with the given name and list of members.

gm-revoke-admin-rights-from-user -g <project name> -u <username>

Revoke a users’ administrative rights to a project.

gnodes [<username>]

Show an overview of all available compute nodes on the cluster grouped by partition. Shows which nodes are available and which are occupied.

If a username is given, the nodes running the user’s jobs will be highlighted.

jobinfo <job id>

Shows information for a job no matter which state the job is in. Be aware that for technical reasons jobinfo may return some or all data from an old job that had the same job ID.

space overview

Show compute and storage numbers for all projects owned by you.

space project <project name>

Show compute and storage numbers for a given project. The resource usage of individual project members is shown. Useful for project owners that wish to identify which project members are using resources in the project.

space user

Show compute and storage numbers for a single user across projects and home folders. Useful for keeping track of your own resource usage.