Data library

The GenomeDK Data Library is an index for data sets made available by users of GenomeDK. Data sets in the library can be made available directly on GenomeDK or shared using GenomeDK's data shares.

IDPublication dateTitleAccess type
GDK0000102024-04-08Ultrasensitive plasma-based monitoring of tumor burden using machine learning-guided signal enrichmentControlled
GDK0000092024-01-02Error-corrected deep targeted sequencing of circulating cell-free DNA from colorectal cancer patients for sensitive detection of circulating tumor DNAControlled
GDK0000082023-12-01Proteomics of colorectal tumors identifies the role of CAVIN1 in tumor formation and progressionControlled
GDK0000072023-11-16Whole genome mutational analysis for tumor-informed circulating tumor DNA detection in patients with urothelial carcinomaControlled
GDK0000062023-10-31Impact of Germline DNA Repair Gene Variants on Prognosis and Treatment of Men with Advanced Prostate CancerControlled
GDK0000052023-10-31Detection of circulating tumor DNA by whole genome sequencing enables prediction of recurrence in stage III colorectal cancer patientsControlled
GDK0000042023-09-26Association between copy number alterations estimated using low-pass whole-genome sequencing of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded prostate tumor tissue and cancer-specific clinical parametersControlled
GDK0000032023-08-11Exploring the tumor genomic landscape of aggressive prostate cancer by whole-genome sequencing of tissue or liquid biopsiesControlled
GDK0000022023-06-26Stroma-specific gene expression signature identifies novel prostate cancer subtype with high recurrence riskControlled
GDK0000012023-06-23Spatial whole transcriptome profiling of primary tumor from patients with metastatic prostate cancerControlled

The data in the library is not owned or administered by GenomeDK.